Moving from Linux to macOS, I’ve missed tiling window managers. On Linux, I used to use i3. Recently, I found chunkwm, which is easily the best TWM I’ve used on macOS.

One thing missing from chunkwm is a nice workspace indicator / switcher like i3 has. See here in the bottom left corner for an example.

pgorsira/chunkwm-i3-space-switcher is a menu bar widget for macOS that imitates the functionality of the i3 workspace indicator / switcher. It’s a fork of dshnkao/SpaceId that shows which space is currently active and allows you to change spaces either by clicking a space number or by scrolling the mouse wheel while hovering over the widget.

To really get the best experience, you’ll want to install chunkwm-sa which allows for instant space switching (no animation). Also note that the “switching commands” are hardcoded in NSStatusBarButton.swift and you’ll need to modify them if your version of chunkwm lives somewhere else. Finally, the widget is designed to really only work in Icon Per Space mode, so be sure to check that in the Preferences menu (right-click).